Are Essential Oils Right for Me?

A huge part of my healing journey has been using essential oils. Now if you haven't used them, it sounds a little woo-woo, I know. Trust me, I'm big on research and am skeptical of most things. Just hang in there with me.

My first exposure to essential oils was when I worked in a wellness center in San Francisco. They were diffused in the rooms, and used for massages. They smelled nice. I thought that was pretty much it. Then I tried some essential oils for cramps, and oh man did they work! Within five minutes, no more cramps.

I still didn't understand what they were, or how they worked, and I kind of left it at that. Fast forward to post-graduation living in Canada. My boyfriend and I decided to start attending various MeetUp groups to make friends in the area, and to help him build his practice. That's where I met Tanya, my incredible team leader, who taught me all about this amazing world of oils. She gave me samples, and my most favourite part.. all of the information to back it up!

Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants, to gain the most therapeutic benefit. Lemon oil, for example, is taken from the rind. You get all the benefit without the acidity of lemon juice, and it's much more concentrated. In fact, essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs! Just one drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to TWENTY-EIGHT cups of tea. Can you say potent??

Now at this time, I was still very symptomatic and hadn't gone into remission yet. I had lotsss of upset stomach days, overly stressed days, just feeling like my body was congested and not functioning as optimally as it could. You know that heavy stomach and just kind of bleh feeling? She gave me some digestive blend and some peppermint, and no more bleh. I was sold. I signed up to be a Wellness Advocate and started ordering my own oils. Lavender quickly became a favourite of mine. It helped with the stress and anxiety of my condition (and still does!), and helped me sleep. Then I was able to function, make it to MeetUps, and run errands again! I mean.. I have to be able to go yarn shopping right?? But I guess groceries are important too.. :) Over this last year I've used oils for stomach issues, stress, sleep, cellular support, cooking, cleaning, cramps, colds.. you name it. No matter what your condition, or what your symptoms, there's an oil to help with that. And guess what, no side effects!

But there's a catch. If you're going to use essential oils you want to make sure you're using the highest quality you can find. You want to find a company that has pure potent organic oils, without any fillers or foreign contaminants. Make sure they are food grade and can be taken internally. If not, they aren't going to be the level of quality that you want. Sourcing is also important. Depending on where each oil is sourced from, the molecular composition varies. The company you choose should test for that, and source accordingly, so you get the greatest therapeutic benefit. Remember, essential oils are so much more than just the smell! For this, and many more reasons, the company I chose is dōTERRA. You can learn more about how this company is working to change the world and where each oil is sourced from at

If you have any questions about essential oils and dōTERRA, want to know more about my experience, or are interested in trying them, please feel free to contact me! I'm happy to help!

To get essential oils at the same great wholesale cost that I do, click here for US and here for Canada.

You can also check out these two books if you want to learn more. Modern Essentials is a great book with more of a textbook feel and a comprehensive overview of the therapeutic benefits of oils, and has been updated with the newest oils from dōTERRA. The Essential Life has more DIY and recipes and a less textbook feel, has also been updated with the newest oils, but still gives you references.

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**Information contained in this post is my personal opinion and based on my knowledge, experiences, and research. It is not meant to override or replace medical advice. Please consult your doctor before altering any medications, or if you have any questions regarding your condition(s). Happy Healing!

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